Day School

Our day boarding system makes the school unique in character by providing small class strength, value based learning, lateral thinking exercise, life skills development, unique curriculum, continuous professional development programmes for qualified and experienced teachers. This is followed by lunch with quality food giving impetus to etiquettes and table – manners followed by a wide spectrum of sports and co-curricular activities.


Residential life helps the school community recognize the uniqueness of each individual and enables its members to synergize in an enriching manner. Boarders grow in self – reliance and develop independent living skills in stimulated surroundings. They learn to identify and respond to their own needs to feed for themselves and to collaborate with each other. They develop a spirit of camaraderie in an atmosphere of openness and learn to take responsibility for their own decisions.

SIS students will get the opportunity to cultivate Indian culture as well as grow sensitive to the manners and students from different states and countries.