The School’s academic course of study is rigorous and stresses on a traditional core curriculum.

Through the study of various subjects, students learn the fundamentals of good writing, critical thinking and clear communication – skills they will draw on in college and beyond.

While the substance of the curriculum is traditional, teachers use innovation to connect the subject matter to their students and keep it relevant.

The School classroom is a warm and inviting place. Class size is small, allowing students to engage in respectful discussion and debate with their peers or one-on-one guidance with their teacher.

The School’s academic experience challenges the student, teaches the fundamentals of good writing, and builds a strong foundation of excellence that will appreciate for a lifetime. Our curriculum stresses knowledge of key subjects that are important for a child to know: English, History, Mathematics, Science, Foreign languages and the Arts. One learns in small classes that emphasize collaboration and independent thinking.

The curriculum includes project presentation which promotes the kind of original thinking that is not likely to be encountered until graduate school.

During the assembly or class presentations, a child stands before the entire school and talks about an idea, belief or experience of special significance.

Our goal is to help a pupil attend the best-suited institution pertaining to his / her interests and talents. SIS continuously innovates to create learning environments that break traditional boundaries through multiple fostering parameters/attributes, namely:

Value-based learningSIS nurtures the innate creativity in every child and provides plenty of room for students to develop and apply their abilities to think out- of- the- box.

TeachersThe teaching staff at SIS is a team of self motivated and highly qualified professionals. Committed to the highest standards of quality and care, our teachers are capable of creating motivational learning environment for the children.

Continuous Professional Development Program (CPDP)Through on-going professional development program and workshops, teachers are kept up-to-date with the changing trends in the field of education. This ensures that our teachers are also on a constantly progressive learning curve.

Technology-enabled teaching methodologies Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of the curriculum enhancing and enriching the learning experience at SIS, as we truly believe, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Small class strength Academic research shows that children learn better and excel in smaller groups. Hence, we at SIS shall limit our classroom strength to smaller numbers and keep the activity space for each child large enough to carry out multiple interactions for learning. Low student teacher ratio speaks volumes for quality individual attention given to our students.