Acceptable Usage & Behaviour Policy on Internet Technology

Introducing ‘Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity’ (DCIM) Program in SISJ

The Sehwag International School provides its students & staff with various technology resources, as a privilege and not a right, with the purpose of enhancing the quality of teaching & learning, improving students’ access to academic knowledge, and facilitating collaboration & knowledge sharing. While we encourage our students, teachers and staff to extract the maximum benefit of the Internet and other digital technologies, we also want them to be safe, responsible and legally compliant. This Acceptable Use & Behaviour policy reinforces our commitment towards Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity, while stating the terms of use for all technology resources used at Sehwag International School.

The Acceptable Use and Behaviour Policy of Sehwag International School applies to all its students, staff, administrators, visitors, guests, temporary or contract workers who access and use the technology resources as defined in ‘Definitions’ of this document. This policy is applicable equally for access and use of technology resources, leased or owned by the school, from within the school campus or from remote location. This policy is subject to the local, national and international laws.

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