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Building Responsible Citizens for a Better Tomorrow

I believe that success follows those who follow their heart. However the environment around us isn’t always suited for nurturing our passions, keeping individuals away from realizing their true potential.


(Founder of Sehwag International School)


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SIS, founded by Mr. Virender Sehwag, aims at sculpting its student into responsible global citizens who constantly strive for perfection in every aspect of their lives. Perfection can only be a result of constant care, attention and perseverance. Keeping this in mind SIS ensures that each student should be dealt with utmost patience and care, developing them into responsible global citizens.

SIS offers day school and residential facilities to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and prepares them for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Our faculty consists of handpicked professionals who are the most competent and experienced in their fields. Our faculty is constantly developing novel methods to keep students motivated and realize their true potential. Moreover, one is to one mentoring ensures that each student excels in his strengths and is constantly improving his weaknesses.

The focus at SIS is to offer 360° development to students. SIS thus focuses on every aspect of a student’s life, from academics to sports, to social skills, emotional and intellectual development.

At SIS students are not just taught but trained to face the real world. Our comprehensive academic program goes beyond the four walls of a classroom and inculcates learning into their lives. It has been moulded to empower students to think critically, synthesize knowledge and reflect on their own thought processes, aiming at removing the fear of getting their feet wet in interdisciplinary thinking.

Sehwag International School

Premier Sports Academy

SISJ aims to be a premier Sports Academy in India.

Sehwag International School

23-acre eco-friendly campus

SISJ located on a 23-acre eco- friendly campus at Jhajjar

Sehwag International School

Arise Awake Ascend

SISJ lives by the mantra of “Arise Awake Ascend”.

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Highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Producing the country’s finest sporting talents

Tutored and mentored by committed coaches