Parle G (the G in which incidentally stands for GENIUS) is one of the oldest biscuit brands in India and the largest selling biscuit in the world.
The students of Sehwag International School had a propitious visit to the Parle Biscuit Factory at Bahadurgarh. The children were very excited on the bus ride from the school to the factory. On entering the premises, the students were taken to the auditorium where they enjoyed a documentary related to the origin of the brand ‘PARLE’, its founder and various products manufactured by Parle. Soon after, an official took the students to the manufacturing unit, where students got to know about various processes like kneading, mixing, shaping, baking, cooling to the final stage of packing. The students were also shown the printing section. Then a questionnaire session was conducted wherein the students also satiated their queries. The icing on the cake was the chips and mango bite toffee they were gifted complimentary before they moved out. Overall, it was an informative, knowledgeable and memorable trip for the students, The children had many stories to tell when they got home!