5th August, Saturday was an exciting day for students as they witnessed a session by Delhi Police SWAT trainer Mr Akshay Gehlaut. Classes 8-12 were a part of this session that was held as part of our series of regular talks and counseling sessions for senior classes.

The session was extremely energetic with Mr Gehlaut sharing a lot of information about how SWAT works and what it really is all about. He shared a bit of his experience as a team member of the Delhi Police and how he got into this profession. The session was a highly interactive session with students asking questions, answering questions and witnessing some self-defense techniques that are key to staying safe in a world ridden with modern day terrorism. The students also got to know about the weaponry used by the police forces and the kind of tactical strategies that are used to handle various security issues. Over all, it was an extremely informative session enjoyed by all, teachers and students alike.

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