Though he is a celebrity and a cricketer unsurpassed, he loves to interact with school children. Founder of the school Virender Sehwag visited Sehwag International School, Jhajjar on 15th August, 2014. The cricketer interacted with students and gave them some valuable tips on cricket. He also had a conversation with the teaching fraternity of SIS and shared his views on a sports and education. He talked about the vision of the school and importance of sports in education and reiterated the school’s core values namely self-mastery and accountability, resilience, tackling obstacles, effective decision making, empathy, appreciation and optimism. Self-mastery and accountability are significant because the former makes one focused and the latter helps one achieve one’s goals. Similarly, resilience plays a vital role as it enables one to get back to normalcy. Obstacles are a part of any journey so tackling them becomes inevitable. Those who can tackle obstacles successfully can survive. When a person is faced with plethora of choices, he is required to have sagacity to make a good decision because a wrong decision, if taken, can mar all hard work. The next core value is empathy i.e. the ability to place yourself in somebody else’s place. Empathy contributes positively to building a team spirit. Appreciation can be very rewarding as it is a positive feedback that serves as an impetus for a positive action. On the way to success there are a lot of adversities and a person must have relentless optimism to overcome all adversities and remain hopeful about tomorrow.

On 16th August, 2014 Mr Virender Sehwag’s presence also blessed the investiture ceremony of Sehwag International School.

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