SIS celebrated ‘BIOME-2012’ on the 2nd and 3rd of March as their Social Science days for the first time in school.

Students of classes 2 to 7 participated in it. The programme started on 2nd March with a special assembly on Biosphere Reserves in India. Children also spoke of the scope and importance of the study of Social Science. A General Awareness Written Quiz-‘Extra Minds’ was conducted for Classes 3 to 7. In the afternoon a Card making Competition was organised for the students on various topics like People of India, Tribal life in India, Media and advertisements etc. The main events were on the 3rd March when a special assembly on ‘Desert life’ was organized, followed by an exhibition. It showcased the projects and models prepared throughout the year as a part of project-based learning methodology. The display encompassed the subjects-History, Civics and Geography. The Geography section models showcased topographical features of our planet, flora and fauna and the solar system. History section depicted life from Stone Age to ages of Communication and Information Technology, Historical Monuments etc. The Civics section revealed the village system of governance and Fundamentals Rights and Duties in India.

Click here to have glimpses of the event.