Mr. Virender Sehwag, a renowned cricketer was interviewed in the Sehwag International School. During his interview he told that he has come to the school to interact with the students and staff. While his interaction with the students he was very glad to find a great potential in the upcoming cricket talent of the school. He also shared his experience and guided them with many important strategies to be used while playing on the field. He told the students that it needs a lot of hard work and sincere devotion to achieve their target in life. He also guided the budding players how to succumb to the inescapable tentacles on field. On being asked about managing of sports with academic pressure on the students nowadays, he told that every individual has twenty four hours a day and within this only a person has to make his schedule.

He explained that sports is one of the best way to enrich the learning process along with maintaining body and mind coordination, sports help in enhancing thinking skills and makes a child target oriented. He also emphasized about the Sehwag Cricket Academy where students are trained with different skills, techniques and strategies which will help them to excel in cricket. He also felt very glad to be a part of this training process. When asked about the achievements of the school since it has completed three years, he told that in just three years school has attained good heights. The school had received two awards one as a Fastest Growing Private Education Institute by WCRC Leaders and another as no.1 ranking residential school in Haryana by Education World. He was very exuberant to share that there is a remarkable improvement in sports and academic performance. School has started participating in many district and state level tournaments in sports, even in academics and extracurricular activities participation of the school is growing widely. Students are getting a good exposure which is impacting their overall growth. They are being provided a platform where they can get a true refinement of their talent. He also added that every year school is doing hard to bring out the best in the students.

Mr. Sehwag shared his vision for the next five revolves around growth and development of the students. He wished that when students move out after completing their education from Sehwag International School they should be capable enough to channelize their energy to fulfill their dreams. They should be well aware about the way which will lead them to complete their target. On being asked his views about lesser ratio of girl education in Haryana, he told that definitely the school is trying best to improve the girls ratio in the school. He personally believes that this discrimination should be abolished as early as possible. He stressed that in Sehwag International School, girls are being given all equivalent facilities and support as it is given to boys. He also told that if girls do wish to play cricket and form a team, they will be equally trained as that of boys. School is doing every possible step to nurture their growth and talent. He concluded by saying that the school provides ample opportunities to the students in academics, extra-curricular activities and sports to nurture and groom their talents. He also emphasized the importance of quality learning in the life of an individual which the school wants to inculcate in every student.