What comes to mind when you think of education? School buildings? Books? Curricula? Teachers? Most of us probably associate education with at least one of these things, and surely many more could be added. Does education take place outside formal settings? Can curricula be found beyond that of the normal course of study? Can teachers be found mentoring outside of the classroom? Where and by whom is a student educated outside the school and home?

Keeping this paradigm in focus, Sehwag International School Jhajjar organized a free eye checkup camp at Silani Kesho Village with support of Aryavir Eye Hospital Gurgaon. The camp was well received by all age group of the residents of the village. Detection of vision problem in school going children and cataract in old age people were diagnosed and free medicines were distributed to patients. Sehwag International School is grateful to Mr. Bhushan and Mr. Pravin K Madan of Aryavir Hospital for their extended help in organizing the programme. Mr. Dhirendra Singh, Principal of Sehwag International School thanked Mr. Ram Kishan, Sarpanch of village Silani-Kesho for his support in making “Drishti – 2013” successful.

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