Experiments at home are a fun way to learn some basic science & now we telling you the trick to write invisible message.

Writing Invisible Messages


1. Assemble the ink ingredients. To make invisible ink many things can be used, choose from one of the following:

  • Orange juice,
  • Milk,
  • Lime,
  • Grape juice.


2. Find a writing implement. For example, a cotton bud, toothpick, paintbrush or a fountain pen.


3. Write on the paper using the “ink” of choice and the writing implement. Let it dry completely before sending to someone.

  • Attach a note. Writing invisible messages is fun but it can be a problem if the person who gets the invisible message does not know that it has a message; he or she might think of it as something else like a prank. If the recipient isn’t aware, send a note along with it saying, for example: “Dear [X], This blank paper has an invisible message. To read it heat it or look at it under a bright light.”

Source: WikiHow