At the age where most of the boy’s attitude towards life is erratic and unplanned, Arjun Rai on the flipside was more determined and focused. When kids of his age were busy playing video games, he organized a garage sale and got his first earning, which in itself talks in volumes about his perspective towards life. Not all kids have the passion for doing different things when others listen to their elders some have the courage to think beyond the usual and show the world their potential to rise.

Since high school, Arjun has been an exemplary networker; he even worked on a few projects and startups of his own during the time. He became COO of a quickly growing online advertising company in 2010 but left it and is now eyeing to start up with Odysseys Ads offering solutions for the 21st-century marketers.

Whilst he was graduating from New York Institute of Technology he had already started two successful startups, The BizDen, and After interning with a PR firm in 2012, Arjun quickly realized the need to venture in the tech space and raised seed investment to build a start up which is one of the leaders in visual project management called Canvs+.

Age was never a barrier for this genius as he always thought the passion for doing something only helps you to achieve it.
Inspired by the shows like “The big ideas with Donny Deutsch” motivated Arjun to think for ideas which changed the way we advertising and marketing in the tech space. With the help of social platforms like LinkedIn, he met with other entrepreneurs who helped him to broaden his horizon and become one of the youngest and successful entrepreneur.

Arjun Rai who is an inspiration for others always believed that one should surround oneself with people who will motivate you to do great things and leave those people behind who can’t see others climbing the stairs of success. In a country like India, where young talent is in abundance, stories like of Arjun Rai serve as an exemplar of inspiration and brilliance.