Parenting is a tough task that requires individuals to play various roles so that a child learns to adapt in the society and acquires the most valuable virtues. Though parenting is a major factor impacting the development of a child, yet there are others as well which make a difference in his/her growth. These influences include those of school, friends circle, culture, etc. Let’s take a look at these factors and understand the relevance of each of them in a child’s life.

1. School – It’s the second place after home where the child spends most of his/her time during his/her childhood years. School is like a small enclosed world where a child not only acquires knowledge of various disciplines but also learns to socialize with other children in his/her class. He/she also learns to deal with bullying issues and grows physically by delving into sports and other athletic activities. A lot depends on the teachers of the child, since they are the ones who impart the precious knowledge to the children. A teacher needs to inculcate the best virtues and be like a role model in the child so that he/she is inspired to become a better individual every day.

2. Friends Circle — A major factor that determines development of personality amongst individuals is the influence of friends. A child needs to possess the right company of friends who inspire him/her to achieve more and work harder to gain rewards. Any bad influence caused especially during the adolescent years can adversely affect the lives of children. It’s essential for parents to note the sort of company their child socializes with so that he/she develops into a more sound and mature individual rather than someone who likes to escape from his/her responsibilities and neglects issues which hold prime importance in his/her life.

3.Environment – The overall environment present at home and school also affects the proper development of a child. If parents are constantly quarrelling over issues right in front of their children, then they are likely to put a wrong influence on them. Similarly, in school if a child isn’t given attention by a teacher then it’s likely that a child may lose interest in her studies impacting his/her life adversely. Also, parents who are continuously involved in learning themselves and curious to know about various issues can inspire their children to read various books, which results in better overall development of their children. It’s essential that a child acquires an environment of studying and good ethics during his growing years so that he/she is able to develop his personality in the best possible manner.

4. Hobbies and Participation – It’s been found that children who are more involved in various activities that interest them are bound to experience more development of their personalities than those who are narrow in their objectives and strenuously push themselves to achieve a particular goal. Every child is born with certain innate talents which he/she may like to pursue as a hobby. It’s essential for parents to understand the fact that facilitating such capabilities will not only let their children concentrate better on academics but also let them hone their inborn talents which later they may like to take up as their professions.

The main reason school conducts so many competitions, debates, discussions, etc. is primarily for the overall development of children. When children take part in them, they not only overcome their fear of speaking in public, but also learn to adapt with new members within their teams.

5. Physical Activity – We are well aware of the quote that runs “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Yes, this statement does convey the importance of physical development for a child. It’s essential that a child partakes in some or the other physical activity and gets time to play apart from the stressing academic life. Playing sports refreshes the body and mind alike, which is the best combination for promoting the overall development of the child.