Hi friends, there’s no debating that today’s kids, that’s you, are friendlier to information technology than any of the previous generations. You spend a lot of your time on iPads, going consoles and computers, playing games, and maybe even writing small codes or making small mobile apps!

If you have not taken up to the programming and circuitry of computers yet, let’s expose you to this exciting side of computing today!

You all would have played minecraft on your computers or dad’s cellphone. Now here is a chance to make your teaches and parents proud by showing them that you can play that game on a computer constructed by you!

Yes that’s not very complex, is it?

With a Raspberry Pi 2 microcomputer at its heart, a Kano Computer Kit helps you understand the ins-and-outs of computer circuitry, and gets you started for coding.  Isn’t it exciting?

You will need to assemble various components that come packed- brain, memory, keyboard, wifi dongle, speaker and connect to your TV to start learning.

You can make games, draw, and interact with computer in more ways than one with a Kano.

Another very interesting and fun kit is christened Makey-Makey. With Makey Makey you can connect one end of the wires to your computer and other end with virtually anything, say a banana, to do bizarre things. Don’t believe?  Here is a video, check it out for yourself:

MaKey MaKey – An Invention Kit for Everyone from jay silver on Vimeo.