Virender Sehwag

For poverty-stricken but a bright 12-year-old Rishab, this would surely be the best gift of his life: free school education. And the gift has come from none other than celebrated cricketer Virender Sehwag, who offered free education to the child in his Sehwag International School (SIS), a multi-activity campus in Jhajjar, south of upscale Gurgaon in Haryana.

A student of class VII, Rishab was finding it difficult to sustain his education because of utter penury. So, his parents stumbled upon the idea of narrating his woes on a FM radio channel in the hope of getting some sponsors to keep their son’s dream alive. Moved by his plight, the Radio Jockey (RJ) aired his story.

“I am desperate to continue my education, but I may not be able to do so because of financial constraints,” said the child, narrating his woes. The RJ also made phone calls to a number of schools in Delhi, appealing to them to act as Samaritans and foot the child’s education bill. However, the answer invariably was either “sorry” or total indifference from them.