Sons’ of daily wager , Brijesh & Raju come from Pratapgarh, Uttar Praesh. Brijesh scored  410th rank in IIT-JEE and his brother Raju secured 167th rank in IIT-JEE.

Despite adversities, Brijesh and Raju cleared what is considered to be one of most difficult exams in the world. What is his success formula?

My father used to tell us how badly the society treats an illiterate. He worked as a daily wage earner in Surat and whenever travelled on train from Surat to Pratapgarh he noticed how others behaved with people like him. He felt it was important that his kids study otherwise they will have to face the same humiliation like him,” Brijesh says.

“My teacher in the village used to tell him eat a meal less but make sure that your kids study. “My father and mother were not even aware what IIT means. When IIT-JEE results were announced they only knew that my sons have succeeded in achieving something good,” Brijesh says highlighting the importance of his feat.

Talking about their dreams, They want that no kid from Their village, district and country becomes a Chotu or a Pinku at the roadside dhabas. They have already started working towards achieving this aim. They have adopted 10 children & they  want child labour free India.”