Well, we all want our children to prosper in this competitive ever-changing world but still find them struggling at the end of high school when they are not able to decide what course/degree they should pursue as higher education. Do you know why this situation arises? Have we ever tried to talk to them and find out their problems and issues restricting their growth? Though all parents are concerned about their child’s development, yet many parents believe that their duty towards their child finishes once they enroll them in a decent school which would transform their raw personalities into sparkling gems. Unfortunately, this opinion proves to be quintessential reason for their inability to make important decisions later in life.

Studies conducted over many years have shown that the experiences children have outside the home, with peers and most importantly within the home space shape their personalities and their behavior in a significant way. Hence it becomes our duty as parents that we inculcate the most appropriate practices and offer facilities that would keep them up to date with the rest of the world and at the same time make them adaptable to different situations they face in their lives. In this competitive world, academics are just a single element by which one’s personality is altered yet there are others that make a huge impact on a child’s personality. Role of the parents in this regard is the largest factor that shapes an individual’s mindset and behavior and how he/she carries himself/herself in front of the world. So let’s examine a few healthy practices that we as parents can inculcate in our own lives and become a role model for our children.

  1. Allocate time for him/her: These days both parents work hard to maintain a good standard of living for their children but fail to allocate adequate time for them. This makes the children believe that their parents are ignorant towards them, which makes them vulnerable to bad habits. They may also land themselves in bad company, which could lead to serious problems. Therefore, it’s essential that both parents take out some time from their busy schedules to talk to their kids and discuss about their anxieties and problems. Communicating is the best way to overcome any problems which your kid might be facing at home or even at school. One has to be not only a good speaker but also a brilliant listener to understand the gravity of their situations and provide appropriate counseling to go about them. You are the kid’s future and your communication with him/her determines what decisions he/she makes later in life. Be open, frank and friendly and observe the change in behavior in your child when you start spending more and more time with him/her.
  1. Provide Peaceful Environment: Well there are thousands of habits and forms of behavior that get imbibed in the child while he/she spends time at home. It’s essential that there is a peaceful and serene environment available at home so that the child’s growth is facilitated immensely. Sometimes children observe their parents fighting over petty issues and while chatting with their friends discuss such issues prevalent at home and feel burdened to be born in such a household. If you are encountering relationship problems or facing some kind of financial crisis make it a point to discuss it in a private room away from your child in a polite manner. Shouting and abusing is not known to solve any problems. Bad influence will be limited this way; over and above, there would not be any bad affect on his behavior and attitude.
  1. Understand your child’s interests and abilities: It doesn’t matter how educated you are. At the end of the day, what matters is whether you are able to counsel your child in an appropriate way and make him/her choose the profession you believe is right or let him/her pursue the career of his choice. It’s essential to understand the interests and capabilities of your child and let him/her hone his skills according to his choice. School is an institution that promotes physical, emotional and cognitive development of a child. It’s essential that parents time to time have a word with the teachers and figure out the best career options for their child. Forcing decisions is not the right way to persuade the child in any case. Give him/her a logical and rational explanation as to why his/her choice of career is not an appropriate one or why you believe that a specific discipline has more scope than the rest. We are sure that your child will take time to get the facts in place but eventually understand what the right choice is at the end of the day.
  1. Controlled Pampering: Parents still believe brining home latest gadgets in the market will be helpful in promoting their child’s growth. What a misconception! We all have heard of the quotation “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” So even if your child is single and you wish to express your love and affection for his/her existence make it a point to not offer the things they desire so easily. Make them work hard for it. Set certain objectives so that they learn the value of money in this competitive world and learn to compete against their peers. Providing all sorts of facilities and services is not a certificate for their successful future. So think again before the next time you provide easy money to your child for buying a certain product.
  1. Allow him/her to make independent decisions: Mostly kids become stubborn if they are not allowed to make independent decisions. Well autonomy is essential for your child. Discuss with your child the advantages and consequences of making a certain choice and still if he/she insists to make a choice which according to you is wrong let him take the choice and be sorry for it later because he/she didn’t listen to you. Conscience of an individual develops more when there are numerous choices available to him/her and he/she has to choose the one that would result in his/her success. Though this is the hard way to learn the way of a successful life, but as parents be always there for him/her so that he/she knows that somebody is there to support him/her. Be that friendly counselor and develop the trust of your child so that he/she becomes aware of your importance and experience. After all that’s what parents are here for, aren’t we?

Well this brings us to the end of our discussion. We hope that our pointers gave you an insight of your worth as parents and believe that you will follow them so that your children achieve success at every point of their lives. Feel free to post a comment if you have any opinions or suggestions regarding the same.