This third grader, CEO of his own game development firm called Prudent Games, is an accomplished hacker, app developer, and cyber crime buster. Meet 9-year-old Reuben Paul, the youngest attendee at the Ground Zero Summit 2015, Asia’s foremost conference on information security.

He stands tall, on a chair hidden behind the lectern in order to reach the microphone, addressing some of the world’s most well-known researchers and cybersecurity experts. Rubbing shoulders with chief guest, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, and an army of hackers from around the globe, 9-year-old Indian-origin kid Reuben Paul is at the summit being held at the Ashok Hotel in New Delhi.


Last year, on November 14, Reuben had delivered his own keynote address at the 2014 summit, but this year he is here as a ‘special ambassador’ to share his knowledge of teaching cyber security to kids. “With great hacking skills you get power, and with great power comes great responsibility,” says Reuben, quoting his hero Spiderman.

When he is not hacking and developing new apps, Reuben takes Kung Fu, gymnastics and swim lessons and loves spending time with his friends.