Kappa is a water demon whose mentions are found in ancient folklores of Japan. While some refute its existence by calling it a creature of imagination originating out of sightings of giant salamanders of Japan, others still hold the believe that Kappa is not confined to myths. In fact, some people actually consider that Kappa is very much real. Those who consider it to be real now have a support in their favor. Scientists have obtained very unusual mummified remains of a creature that are very much aligned with the characteristic features of the mythical demon. As a matter of fact, the discovered remains went for display in Kyuushuu island of Japan.

The word Kappa literally translates into ‘river child’. The creature has been described to have a spiky and scaly body of a tortoise with a reptile-like blue or green skin. The limbs of the creature are described to be webbed and it is said to have a beak. If that isn’t just enough, what’s really unique to the creature is a hollow structure on top of its head. While the folklores say that Kappa is primarily a water creature, it also occasionally roams around on land. The hollow on its head is meant for holding water to keep it wet enough so that it does not loses its powers on land.

This lakes, rivers and ponds dwelling creature is said to be a demon. According to legends, the creature captures and devours children who are disobedient. What’s really interesting about this description is that Kappa turns out to be a selective demon. Kappas are often also depicted as mischief creators often attacking women and drowning animals and people. They are also said to make rude sounds as part of their mischievous behavior.

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