Being a fan of toys, which help to develop children’s creativity and imagination, I look for inspiration wherever I can find it. At the same time, I love the idea of recycling. Will you agree with me that putting plastic bottles into recycling bins is still such a waste?

Here are the simple steps to create:

  • Prepare all tools and supplies like stated above and shown on the picture
  • Use scissors or any tool with small, sharp end to make a hole in the plastic cap. Try to do it in the middle and be very careful as you’ll need all your fingers later.
  • Cut the bottle into two parts and also one stripe which will make the joint for skids (I know this is a special shape of a bottle but I am sure you’ll find it somewhere). It should have that ball-shaped part to put the ping pong ball inside.
  • Now you need to cut three straws in a way shown (three parts with bent heads should be a bit shorter than the rest of the straw)
  • Use a pin to put two longer parts together making a propeller. Pin previously cut stripe to shorter straws with a stapler to prepare skids, afterwards stick the last bent straw, into the hole in a cap. Now you’ve got the three most important parts to build your mini helicopter with
  • The part with a cap should be now attached to the body with a stapler (as you can see on the picture)
  • The final action in your crafting experience is to put the ping pong ball into the body, forming a cockpit.

P.S. It is as easy as it looks like so DO try this at home and have fun!

How to Make Recycled Bottle Helicopter