It is time to get together for your family to do a fun project that will satisfy all. Just dig into the old stuff, ask your children to gather their paints and brushes and make these cool Photo Frames in no time. Mom, dad and even Grandparents can do this project!

What will you need?
Old Cartons
Corrogated Paper
Acrylic Paints in different colors
Paint brushes Round no 2 and 6, Flat no 8
A4 paper white
Black Card Sheet
Black Ribbon size 1/2 inch
Craft Knife or Paper Cutter
Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic

Step 1: Make an Stencil!








Cut out a square of 5 inch from A4 paper. Mark at a distance of 1 1/4 inch from each corner of square. Join the opposite points to make a small square in the center.  Make the corners rounds. Cut out the center square with Paper cutter. The Stencil is ready. It will be used for making base of photo frames.

Step 2: Making the Frame Base!








Take an old carton and flatten it on a table. Place the stencil on it. Use pencil to trace the stencil on carton sheet. Cut out from outer lines with scissors. Use paper cutter to cut the inner square. Make one base for each family member. (here are 5)

For the Back
Take one carton cutting and trace only the outer square on Black Card sheet with pencil. Cut it out. Make one for each frame base.

Step 3: Making the Front and Back!









For Front

Take corrogated paper. Its front is wavy and back is flat. We will use the wavy side for the front of frame. Turn it over so the flat side is up.  Place the frame base on it and trace. Cut it out just like as the frame base. Make one for each frame. (here are 5)

For Back
Take black piece and glue it to the back side of frame base but apply glue only on 3 sides thinly. Leave one side open so you can slide the photo through it later on.

Glue Front also
Apply glue on the front of frame base and paste the corrogated piece. Now frame is ready.
Repeat the same procedure for other frames.

Step 4: Painting!


This is the job that you will love to do with your kids. Give each member of your family a frame and ask them to paint it as per their wish. But first slide a piece of paper in the frame to prevent it from messing up. Use flat brushes to paint. And let them enjoy!

Step 5: Personalizing!







Use the scraps of carton to make drawings of the things that your family member likes the most. Everyone will enjoy drawing their favorite stuff. Cut out the drawings with scissors. Using round brushes, paint each piece and let them dry.
To make Fonts
Again use carton to make label for your frames (here are DAD, MOM, BRO, SIS, BRO) Draw the fonts with pencil. Cut them out with scissors. Use paper cutter to cut from center of the fonts.

Step 6: Pasting, Sealing and Finishing!








First put all the painted stuff on frame to see how it looks. Apply glue on the back side of pieces and paste on frame. Repeat the same procedure for all pieces and fonts too.

Insert a piece of paper in frames (again). Using Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic, spray on frames to seal them (use as manufacturer’s instructions)

Make the Frame Hanger

Take a piece of black ribbon about 2 inches long. Fold it in half to make loop. Apply glue on its both ends and paste to the back side of frame. Repeat same procedure for all frames. Now your family is ready to hang out together!