Young minds are full of open spaces and are willing to grasp in new ideas and values. This is the reason why primary education is extremely important in our country as it can shape the future of the next generation. However, some schools have become extremely rigid in their syllabus and the teachers are given a set number of books to teach, beyond which, no knowledge is imparted to the students. Today, we live in such a competitive age that it has become imperative to stay ahead of the crowd. However, this cannot be done only by being highly educated.

Learning values in schools

It is necessary to have basic values and philosophies in place that will make our children responsible citizens in the future. Parents and teachers are now understanding the importance of teaching beyond the syllabus. They realise that values can be taught well at an early age and schools are the best place to impart knowledge about rights and wrongs, how one can lead a good life, things required to sustain in today’s competitive world and so on. In order to life a fulfilling life in today’s scenario, certain values that are required in life must be taught in school itself. Some of these include:


The attitude of gratitude can make a lot of difference in our lives. With a feeling of gratefulness, we don’t look at what is lacking in our lives but tend to look at how abundantly blessed we are and this can help us lead positive and joyful lives. Also, if children are taught to be grateful right from the beginning, it gives them a vision and helps them achieve greater goals in personal as well as professional development.


This is one of the basic components of emotional intelligence. In order to develop inter-personal relations, it is important to be good listeners, understanding others and respecting a difference in opinions and beliefs. This quality helps children to develop an attitude of humility towards others and display a level of interest in people’s problems and professions.

Decision Making Ability

Since we are constantly spoilt for choice, it becomes difficult for us to take the right decision. If children are taught the skill to make decisions at an early age, they will learn to find the balance between intuitiveness and reasoning in order to make effective decisions for their life.

The ability to overcome obstacles

Challenges have become synonymous with everyday living. We are constantly faced with obstacles that require strong survival instincts to overcome. A ‘Never say die’ attitude can help children to find solutions in all problems and develop the skill and ability to solve obstacles in their lives without being overwhelmed by fear.


It has become easy for adults to blame others or use excuses for unpleasant situations. However, if we want our children to become better adults, we must teach them the importance of being accountable for their actions and words and teach them to rise above excuses. This helps them to improve continuously and set their own new benchmarks for success.

By inculcating these simple yet priceless values in education, we can teach our children to lead happier and successful lives.