Striking a balance between academics and the sport one plays has always been a conundrum and a tough struggle in the formative years of any cricketing legend. Virender Sehwag, the dashing Indian opener, also faced this dilemma as a child, but he was determined to offer an educational institution that ensures a practical solution to the issue for generations to come!

Sehwag International School is the one of its kind in India, given that its founder is a globally-celebrated cricketer. But that isn’t the sole speciality of the world-class establishment that is based in a scenic locale not far from Delhi.

SIS, as the sprawling school is called, is currently into its third academic year, wooing students from across the country and abroad to its multi-activity campus in Jhajjar, just south of plush Gurgaon, in Haryana.

The focus at 23-acre SIS is to ensure the all-round development of students by giving them a nurturing environment with sufficient exposure, says Sehwag, the 35-year-old founder. “Being a sportsperson, I have realized the true value of lessons learnt outside the bounds of a classroom. At SIS we go beyond and ensure that our students get the best of indoor and outdoor training, moulding them to think critically, synthesize knowledge and reflect on their own thought processes,” he notes in his address, published on the SIS website —

Adds his wife Aarti Sehwag, chairperson of SIS: “We aim at ensuring that our comprehensive development programmes provide students with an international learning experience, while preserving our core Indian values. With such qualities imbibed within them, our students are bound to ‘Arise, Awake, Ascend’ to greater heights and a greater tomorrow.”

So, what all have prompted the couple to start the school? What are Virender Sehwag’s viewpoints about education, especially of a futuristic world? What are the broader and finer points that make SIS stand a class apart vis-a-vis other top schools? How is he (along with Mrs Sehwag) planning to take the mission forward? All this, we’re sure, could be unexplored areas for the media in India and outside.

The CBSE-syllabus co-education school, now with a strength of  370 students and set to open its class X in the upcoming academic year with a team of dedicated and highly-qualified teachers, accommodates both boarders (boys for now, in spacious, air-conditioned, four-bedded rooms — each bathroom-attached) and day scholars. The eco-friendly campus boasts of a BCCI-approved cricket ground, besides high-standard facilities for athletics, basketball, badminton, equestrian, football, lawn tennis, table tennis and squash and a swimming pool.

As the rush for admissions has started, SIS expects a surge in its 2014-15 student strength — and is planning to brace up for the intake of no less than 150 students in the new academic year.
The fledgling school has shaped up like a home away from home and teachers becoming parents to students. And the parents who have sent their children to the school are appreciating. The children are equally happy and exuberant, giving the school a stamp of uniqueness.