Cricket as Career

There were times when a normal individual couldn’t even think of becoming a professional cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar or Virender Sehwag. Reasons? There weren’t enough opportunities to grasp and only the most talented individuals found place in the Indian Cricket Team. There were also very limited formats such as One Day International matches or the Test matches which only allowed authorities to choose players of the highest caliber. Recent advancements in the field of cricket have seen the emergence of new formats like Indian Premier League that not only provide opportunities to newer individuals to showcase their talent but also have increased the potential of pursuing cricket as a career. Emergence of under 15, 17 and 19 age teams have also brought cricket into the limelight since more and more players are chosen to prove their expertise on the ground and work harder to reach higher levels. It’s essential that in order to pursue cricket, individuals undertake professional training from an institute that will hone their unrefined talent and make them a jewel of cricket.

Why is a coach necessary to learn cricket?

1. Can analyze your strengths and weaknesses

When you play cricket, there may be certain weaknesses and strengths that your body language may convey to a coach and may require rectification. It’s essential that you come to know about your strengths and weaknesses so as to become a better cricketer.

2. Can predict weather conditions and nature of pitch

As a layman, it’s beyond your understanding what a few bumps or cracks on the pitch may do to the incoming ball. Since he’s much more experienced and very knowledgeable, he will be able to provide you essential info on the way the pitch might play during a match and how weather may affect the pitch.

3. Serves as a great support

There may be times when your performance may dip. In those situations, coach provides great support and uplifts your morale. He can also enlighten you with valuable advice on the way a certain individual bowls or bats, which may help you make a comeback in the game.

4.Imparts knowledge about different techniques

It’s one of the most important roles that a coach has to offer. Maybe the square drive you have been playing for years isn’t the right way at all to play that particular shot. Since a coach has been professionally trained himself, he has valuable information about different cricketing techniques, be it a sweep shot, square cut, off spin bowling, swing bowling or any other aspect of the game.

5. Makes you consistent/Inculcates discipline

Though you may have been playing cricket for years, but it’s essential to understand the fact that it’s not professional cricket that you have been playing. Professional cricket requires one to be consistent and disciplined in bowling, batting and fielding domains. It’s essential that when you hit a ball you always follow the right technique of placing your foot in front or in the rear to complete the shot, or bowl the line and length that’s difficult for the batsman to hit. A coach also inculcates discipline in your character which is any day essential to win matches.

So, if you wish to play professional cricket, it’s necessary that you opt for a coach who’s able to guide you in the ways aforementioned ways.