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Akshat Mittal has created a carpooling website which will help people discover who they can hitch a ride with.

The Delhi government announced its odd-even strategy to cut down pollution in the city which left many worried about regular commuting. A lot of people suggested carpooling as a solution but its implementation was not devised. But where the experts have failed, this 13-year-old school boy has a solution.


Akshat Mittal, a class VIII student of Amity International School, Noida, has created a website Odd-even.com which helps people know how and with whom they can share their ride for regular travelling from/to work. “When the chief minister declared that odd and even numbered cars will ply on alternate days, I thought of creating this website. So many people living in the same locality might be going to the same place, of which, they are not aware, so this website will bridge the communication gap. Besides, this will help making new contacts,” says Mittal. Though there are carpooling apps and websites available, this one will cater to the odd-even logic.


The website has a simple layout asking people to give their name, source, destination, car’s registration number and other preferences like age, gender, profession. If you don’t own a car and just need to hitch a ride, you don’t need to give car registration number. As soon as you give the details, possible matches will appear. There are plans to come up with a mobile app as well to make more accessible.