“True development is not the development of land, or of cows; it is the development of men and women.”
– Dr Verghese Kurien

Born to a Syrian Christian family in Calicut, Verghese Kurien had his first tryst with milk production in Anand, upon his return from the US after completing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1949. Touched by the discouraging state of monopolised milk production at the time, he decided to dedicate his life not only to the empowerment of the farmers producing it, but also to making India world’s largest producer of dairy. In 1970, he launched Operation Flood, which culminated in making our country self-sufficient with regards to dairy production, thus bringing in White Revolution.

Kurien’s perseverance and innovative ways of improving the dairy industry earned him recognition as the Milkman of India. Here are some facts about him, which will make you appreciate the next tub of ice-cream you hog on at a whole new level!

Here are some little known facts about him:

Verghese Kurien Facts