Introducing ‘Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity’ (DCIM) Program in SISJ

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In line with our commitment towards a 21st century education of global standards, Sehwag International School has included a much needed course in our curriculum – Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity (DCIM) 리눅스 헤더파일 다운로드.

Internet has extremely strong influence on the minds of our children. It can become a big strength or a serious weakness for them. It can give them the best of opportunities or the worst of threats Synology docker. Therefore, at Sehwag International School, we believe that Internet Maturity is one skill which is absolutely essential for the personal safety, quality of academics and career growth of students 미스터 피바디 다운로드. It enables them to:

  1. Make the best use of Internet in education & career.
  2. Avoid the threats & dangers of Internet Respond 1988 Hyehwa-dong Download.

We encourage the parents to watch the following video and explore curriculum framework of the Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity course Evicu. Please keep discussing about the DCIM topics with your child.