Sehwag International School, Jhajjar hosted a meeting with Dr Joseph Emmanuel (Regional Officer, CBSE) and School Principals and Head Examiners of schools of Jhajjar area. The meeting was held on Friday, 10th November, 2017 at 02:30 pm and lasted for two hours. The meeting was presided over by Dr Emmanuel, RO, CBSE and the objectives of the meeting were Code of Examination, Error Free Assessment, Initiation of CBSE guidelines for examination and General Feedback in all aspects. There were 51 schools represented by Heads of School or Department Heads and the total number of participants was 71. It was an extremely interactive session with heads of school discussing issues with the Regional Officer who was very open and welcoming throughout the discussion. A lot was achieved through the interaction and the participants were more than satisfied with the interaction with the RO.