Adventure in Mount Abu

The SIS family that includes 34 students and 3 staff members moved for an adventure tour in Mount Abu from 18/10/15 to 24/10/15. The trip was so exiting and adventurous. Students enjoyed all the programs there. They enjoyed trekking, caving, rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, horse riding, tyre tunnel, tyre climbing, gun shooting, Ladder climbing rope bridge crossing, sense test and IQ test. They also enjoyed the view of sunset.

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Outstation /Educational Trips /Treks

Outdoor adventure and educational trips are an integral part of the boarding school life. These trips not only inculcate mental strength and moral values amongst the children but also help them in developing social skills and comradeship.

Students feel encouraged to explore and engage themselves in stimulating outdoor activities that foster an environment of learning and help children develop an appreciation of the natural world. We keep up with the tradition of a boarding school by organizing at least two outstation camps every year.

Students visit places of educational interest along with their resident teachers. They are also given pocket money for the outing, once a month. Similarly, an outstation trip is also organized once in a term.