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1 앵무새 사진 다운로드. A preliminary discourse; a preface or introductory part of a discourse,poem, or novel 카운트 다운 영화 다운로드.
2. An introductory speech, often in verse, calling attention to the theme ofa play noto sans cjk kr 웹폰트 다운로드.
3. The actor or actress who delivers this 노사연 바램 다운로드.
4. An introductory scene, preceding the first act of a play, opera, etc coreavc 3.0 1 다운로드.
5. Any introductory proceeding, event, etc.:

Example: Appetizing delicacies were the prologue to a long dinner Download The 2nd Season 1 of The Giant of Progress.

VERB (used with object)

1 TuniLand video. To introduce with or as if with a prologue 프레지 무료 템플릿 다운로드.