– cardboard
printable template
– spray paint

– ruler
– pencil
– scissors or xacto knife
– hot glue gun


For our color palette, we went with cool tones – sea foam green, sky blue, and a bright cerulean. Print out our triangle template and cut. Trace all three pieces onto cardboard for however many little triangles you want to make. To create the design above, we used 15 triangles (with about 8 of them being functional for storage). Use an xacto knife or scissors to cut out all your pieces.


Now you should have a pile that looks like this.Use hot glue to glue edges together. The larger triangle is the back base and the two smaller ones go in the front as side panels. You can be sparing with the glue – you don’t want too many globs to peek out.


Here is what our first finished triangle looks like. Spray paint them in whatever colors you like – we recommend 2 coats though some lighter colors may call for 3. If you’re feeling fancy, you can spray paint with primer before adding color, and seal the whole thing off with spray shellac. Let dry for at least an hour before mounting to your wall. They’ll be dry to the touch after 20 minutes, but you don’t want to end up with spray paint on your wall.


Before heading to the wall with your mounting tape, plan out a design. We played with 4 different designs on the floor before settling on one.


Now, use mounting tape to attach to the wall in your chosen design. It looks pretty awesome just as a piece of wall art, don’t you think?
Fill with pens, pencils – whatever you like. This could also be great for organizing accessories or craft supplies like buttons, pom poms, and the like.