Ayush and Arnov have designed a mechanical exoskeleton or a body suit that can provide support to a physically disabled person or aid orthopaedic patients 가수가된이유 다운로드. The suit supplements the upper skeleton system, thereby providing support during movement.

The duo would often visit har-ki-pauri in Haridwar to participate in Ganga aarti last stand. During those visits, they would see a lot of physically handicapped beggars, mostly those without arms. This sight moved the students, who decided to help them in whichever manner possible 다음플레이어 다운로드. Later, while watching an English film, Iron Man, the students came up with the idea of developing an Iron Man-like robotic suit, which would help the beggars lead lives like normal people and become independent per movie.
The students used recycled materials, motor parts and other scrap to make the prototype.
“In our innovation, the upper and lower arm is connected with a lever, which is connected to a pulley that rotates the arm 마인크래프트 코딩 다운로드. It is a very simple mechanism but hopefully, will be useful to people,” says Arnov, who developed the cost-effective model with his classmate Ayush during their vacation Sebastian. Arnov likes to make cartoons and paint in his free time. He also writes songs and loves gadgets. His father owns a workshop of motor repair while his mother is a homemaker jsp 파일 생성 다운로드. He has a younger brother.
Both the students idolize the fictional superhero Iron Man and are inspired by the way he uses technology to help people Ied a pink 1.
While Arnov wants to become a mechanical engineer and an inventor, Ayush has set his eyes on robotics engineering. “I want to make different types of robots to make human life easier 신도리코 복합기 다운로드. I like everything related to robotics. As a toddler, I used to break my toys open out of curiosity about how the parts operated. My parents were concerned initially but now understand me,” says Ayush, who had earlier developed a robot soldier out of waste material to be used in wars to prevent bloodshed Neat ppt download.
Ayush’s father works with a PSU while his mother is a homemaker. His elder brother is pursuing mechanical engineer and is very supportive of Ayush’s innovations.